If you need goods or material moved on the water, let us help!

We operate 3 barges with capacity up to 40 tonnes and serve the following bodies of water on a regular basis: the French River, the Pickerel River, the Key River, the west arm of Lake Nipissing and others in between.

We started the barging services to facilitate the septic tank pumping needs of island and water-access-only cottages that is provided by our sister company, Noƫlville Sanitation. We quickly realized that the demand for barge services extended well beyond those needs. Since then, we have moved various equipment including well drilling rig, hauled building materials for new builds or renovations, and even hauled old camper trailers off islands.

Having our own barge gives us a real competitive edge when we're either installing septic systems or landscaping on water-access only properties. We will haul our own excavation equipment, and related aggregate material when and where we need it. The service enables us to provide you with better value projects and gives us complete control over the project vs. having to outsource or sub-contract to a 3rd party.

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